About Me

A common phrase you hear is ‘I’ve come home…'” – Margot Adler

It always felt wrong to me to describe my discovery of Paganism as a conversion. It wasn’t until reading Margot Atwood’s Drawing Down the Moon that I found the proper description for it… Coming home.

I don’t really know what came over me near the end of high school when I suddenly decided to look into Wicca and eventually Paganism, but even while reading the first few articles, it felt like I was discovering an intrinsic part of myself that was lost. It all made so much sense and spoke to everything I felt religion and spirituality should be.

I spent much of my childhood questioning things and trying to feed my own curiosity, but frequently being criticized and scolded for being too “challenging,” especially when it came to religion. Finally, I found something that encouraged me to keep questioning things. Question religious structures, my own beliefs, and how it all came together to influence my life.

Of course, I didn’t expect how much I would need to wade through the misinformation around Paganism and magic to actually learn about it, but maybe that was part of it’s appeal. Over the last six years, I’ve spent countless hours reading and searching through resources to come to my own understanding of what Paganism, magic, and religion mean to me, and it’s only increased my desire to learn. The research itself has become a journey. I love learning about the different sets of beliefs within the wide scope of Paganism, as well as the influence ancient religions have on the modern world.

Even though I officially declared myself a Pagan and Witch in 2014, I still feel like I’ve only just begun my journey and I have so little understanding of what my religious beliefs and practice could be. So, here I am. Six years after coming home I am finally starting my year and a day study, and I want to share this journey with you. Let’s grow together.