Political Involvement for Witches

In the spiritual community, there are many people who would rather avoid any political involvement in order to keep their “good vibes only” persona. This is a dangerous president to set for oneself, especially when we have an online audience and some influence over other’s content intake. Political and social movements effect us all (some more than others), so it behooves us all to be involved and vocal in these movements.

However, I don’t want to give the impression that there are a huge number of spiritualists and witches who would avoid politics and social issues because of the negativity inherently involved, because in the grand scheme of things they are not the majority. Most witches understand that our history is one of persecution, particularly for POC witches and those who come from indigenous traditions, and because of that there continues to be a strong presence of our community in the larger protests and movements.

At present, I am of course referring to the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. While I don’t really have anything new to say on the subject, I wanted to bring it up, because it is vital that we talk about it. Every single person in our society is effected by police brutality, but none more so than our minority brothers and sisters.

As a witch and pagan, I feel that is is my duty to do what I can to further the BLM cause and bring as much attention to it as possible. An integral part of being a witch is following one’s own will and going against the status quo, especially when it is built from the pain and blood of others. Our Gods have taught us the importance of equality and justice, and if we were to ignore the call for these things now, we would be denying our own beliefs and deities.

This is a unique opportunity for the pagan communities to allow our gods to work through us, as well as the greater witchcraft community to add our will and efforts to one unified goal.

I am keeping this post short this week, because I don’t what to take away from the BLM movement with my own ramblings. All I want is to stress the importance of fighting for justice and against brutality and tyranny. Get out on the front lines, help by bringing water and supplies, offer medical assistance, or simply spread the word and donate if you can.

Below is a small, and by no means exhaustive list of organizations you can donate to if you have the means, and remember… NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

Black Lives Matter: blacklivesmatter.com/about/

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc: naacpldf.org

The Movement for Black Lives: policy.m4bl.org

Black Alliance for Just Immigration: baji.org

Equal Justice Initiative: support.eji.org/give/153413/#!/donation/checkout

National Bail Out: secure.actblue.com/donate/freeblackmamas2020