Summer Water Recipe

Yes, it’s time for another witchy recipe! The heat of summer has finally hit, and I’ve added one of my favorite summertime drinks to the fridge: summer water. In short, it’s just slices of lemon and cucumber in a big ol’ jug of water. I am not very good at drinking enough water, but the flavor and extra refreshing quality of summer water helps me drink more so I can stay hydrated during the summer months.

While this is a very simple recipe that might not seem very magical, I feel like this drink has some significant magic uses whether you drink it to invoke certain energies throughout the day, use it as an offering, or as a component to a spell.

First the Recipe…

Lemon and Cucumber in Water

You can go by your own taste with this drink, but I’ve found that using a certain amount of fruit to water gives you the best flavor:

  • 1 large lemon
  • 1/2 of a cucumber
  • 1 1/2 gallons of water

That’s it! Slice up the lemon and cucumber, stick the slices in a large pitcher or water jug, and pour in the water. Put the whole thing in the fridge for at least an hour to let the flavors start to infuse. I have found that it’s best to leave it overnight so the flavor is nice and strong, but you can start drinking it as soon as it gets cold.

As summer water sits in the fridge, it will continue to be infused with the flavor of the cucumber and lemon. However, after a few days, the bitterness of the lemon will start to get pretty strong. I don’t mind the change in flavor, but I try to make sure I finish up the jug every two or three days. If you decide to keep refilling the jug to have a steady supply of summer water, just make sure to switch out the cucumber and lemon each time to keep the flavor fresh.

Now the Magic…

With the refreshing flavor of summer water, it’s hard to think of anything but summertime when you drink it. The cucumber imparts almost a watermelon taste which always reminds me of summer picnics as a kid, while the underlying sharpness of the lemon adds a hint of sunshine and bright energy.

Cucumber has been used for a long time as a beauty aid, and it can be used in glamour and beauty spells to add a hint of youthfulness. We often see it in face masks and spa treatments for tired eyes because of its hydrating properties, reinforcing its beauty associations as well. Finally, cucumber is very rich in vitamins, so it has long been associated with health and healing of various illnesses associated with dehydration and inflammation.

Lemon is widely used for its cleansing properties and is also associated with health and healing. It has a strong concentration of Vitamin C, which helps to boost the immune system, and is beneficial to digestion. Like cucumber, lemon is associated with water, so it’s also perfect for summer spells and rituals to invoke the fresh, cooling energy of water in the summertime heat.

With both of these elements in summer water, the drink is great for cleansing spells and rituals to help remove any negative, dank energy and invoke the energetic, bright energy of the summer. You can even use moon water when preparing your summer water to intensify the cucumber and lemon (both associated with the moon).

I like to use it as a meditation aid to help me manifest the right state of mind when meditating outside in the fresh air, as well as a morning preparation drink to build up my energy and invoke health throughout the day. This summer especially, I’m feeling like invoking strong health is very important, so summer water has been a huge necessity.

While I only mention a few magical uses here, the sky is the limit with summer water. Get creative! Let me know if you decide to try this recipe, and share your own magical uses for it.