Life Update: Making my Apartment Witchy

I know I’ve been very inconsistent with posting the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to start off by apologizing for the lack of posts lately. We were in the process of packing up and moving, but now that we’re all unpacked and settled into our new apartment, I’m excited to get back to my regular schedule!

This both my partner’s and my first apartment, and I was so excited to decorate and spread all of my witchy stuff out throughout our living space. Previously, I had to keep all of my supplies, decorations, and altar set ups in my bedroom, so it’s nice that I can now have it on display.

Military Trunk

I have this beautiful old military trunk from my partner’s grandfather that I use to store most of my magic supplies, and I’ve set up my altar on top of it. I am still playing around with how I want my altar set up, but I made sure to set out an offering to bless the new apartment and invite the gods into our home.

Before we moved, I bought a large pack of LED pillars, which I was able to place all over the apartment to bring in some comfortable candle light – without the worry of open flames everywhere! I do have some regular candles that I’ll light, but I like to keep those within eye sight so I’ve designated my altar and coffee table for the real candles for now.

Now that we have a TON more space, I am also planning on collecting many more bones to decorate our apartment. At the moment I am keeping my small collection of skulls on one of my book shelves, but I do have a goat skull (also from my partner’s grandfather) hung on the wall and a set of deer antlers for our key hooks.


Finally, I was able to get some more bookshelves to spread my library out a little, which means that I can now have one bookshelf dedicated to my witchcraft/pagan/mythology books and tarot cards. It made me realize that I don’t have as many of these books as I thought, so once the stay at home order is lifted, it might be time to visit the book store!

I am in love with our new apartment already, and I’m excited to keep decorating and turning it into a perfect witchy space. Let me know if you want more witchy apartment updates!

How do you add your own energy and witch vibes to your living space?