Discovering a Connection with Nature

With so many of us living in and around cities and urban areas, it can be difficult to really connect with nature on a deep spiritual level. I always loved the idea of a witch wandering through the wilderness, being in tune with the natural world around them, living off the land and communicating with it. I would love to be that type of witch, but it is hard for me to even get outside on a daily basis, let alone truly immerse myself in nature.

Lately, I keep hearing that a witch is a person who is in tune with the world around them and can read different signs to understand what has happened, and what will happen in their lives or the lives of those around them. Being able to read and commune with nature is a big part of that, whether it’s reading the weather to tell if a storm is coming, looking at signs in plant and animal activity to assess the health of the land around you, or reading people to determine how their futures might play out.

I feel like it’s become too easy to stay inside and isolate ourselves from the world around us. We can go online to buy the supplies and books we need to practice our craft, when we should be sourcing what we can from our own land and learning from both experience AND books. I am just as guilty of this as anyone, especially with the quarantine in place. I’ve become lazy and a homebody, so it’s hard for me to go out to the areas near me that are more wild than city in which I live.

With the winter just ending in the Midwest, it has also been hard for most of us to get outside and entangle ourselves in nature. However, now that spring is hear, I’ve made it one of my magical goals to find my connection with the land in which I live.

Most importantly, I will be growing my own herbs and materials for spells, as well as going out regularly to gather the materials I can from nature. Part of our connection with nature should be living in tandem with the seasons and cycles of the land. This means understanding what things can be gathered at what time of year, and learning from nature to grow the crops (however big or small) that we need.

I’ll keep regular updates of how I find ways to connect with nature. Hopefully, with everyone staying inside and slowing down while in quarantine, we can all find a deeper appreciation for nature and learn to grow in connection with her rather than on our own.