10 Witchy Movies, Shows, and Books to Distract you During Quarantine

Whether you’re self-isolating, quarantined, or under mandated stay at home orders, being stuck at home day after day is starting to get a little boring. I am a self-declared introvert and homebody, and even I’m starting to get a little restless and antsy not being able to go out and do things.

If you can, it’s important to still get outside a little bit. Go on a walk and get some fresh air, or just sit in your back yard to soak up some sun. Just make sure you’re still keeping your distance from others. However, I know it’s hard for a lot of people to be able to leave the house, and some places are currently not allowing it at all. When that happens, indoor activities like crafts or games are always a good option too.

If you’re like me, you may be feeling a little listless at the moment due to all of the stress and anxiety, and crafts might not do the trick to get your mind off things. If that’s the case, watching movies or tv shows, or just reading a book has always been a great distraction for me. Over the last week or so, I’ve been plowing through my To Be Read list on my kindle, but now my brain needs a break with a movie or 5!

I wanted to share my top 10 Witchy Movies, TV Shows, and Books that have been helping distract me and get me in a magical mood while in isolation. Please feel free to comment and add to my lists to give others a bigger selection of distractions while we’re all working to slow the COVID-19 spread.


Movie and Popcorn

From cute, animated movies to horror, my witchy movie list has a variety of genres. While horror is always my favorite (as you’ll see in the other lists) sometimes you need something fun and relaxing to watch instead. Most of these have some witchcraft involved one way or another, but there are a couple that I included just for the occult themes that I love so much!

  1. The Craft – Always a good choice for some fun teen witch movie vibes.
  2. Hocus Pocus – Who’s ready for the second one to come out?!
  3. Practical Magic – One of the few romance movies I enjoy. The strong family of witches is always enjoyable to watch.
  4. The Witch – “Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?” Traditional witchcraft horror? Yes, please!
  5. Kiki’s Delivery Service – Less magic, and mostly just an adorable witch flying on her broom, but Studio Ghibli is always worth the watch.
  6. Howl’s Moving Castle – Another Studio Ghibli movie that’s adventurous, adorable, and full of fun magical elements.
  7. Midsommar – Who doesn’t love some occult horror set in the bright sunshine of summertime Sweden?
  8. Hereditary – Dark, mysterious cult, haunted family, possession? There’s a lot to unpack in this movie and it’s all amazing.
  9. The Witches of Eastwick – Watching three lovely witches get the best of the devil is always a good time. Plus Jack Nicolson… it’s a win-win!
  10. The Ritual – Another movie based in Sweden with dark occult rituals and Nordic monsters!

TV Shows

TV Shows

There’s nothing like spending an entire week binge-watching shows, especially when they’re sprinkled (or dripping) with witchcraft. Between Netflix and Hulu, you can find plenty of witchy TV shows to fill up your time!

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Seven full seasons of vampires, demons, witchcraft, and occult lore. This is and always will be one of my favorite shows!
  2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – New take on an old show with lots of adventure, occult fun, and of course witches. If Satanic themes are your thing, this show is perfect for you!
  3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch – Much more fun and light-hearted than the newer version, but who doesn’t love some cooky witches getting into trouble?
  4. Little Witch Academia – Absolutely adorable anime show about a secret witch school. It comes in dubbed and subbed on Netflix, just in case you don’t feel like reading subtitles.
  5. The Order – Secret magic society using a fancy private college as a cover. Perfectly dark and suspenseful.
  6. The Magicians – Based on an awesome Sci-fi book series, this show is so engrossing you won’t realize you’ve spent the last 8 hours watching it!
  7. American Horror Story: Coven – While all seasons of AHS, Coven is still by far my favorite. If you haven’t watched it yet, do it now!
  8. Penny Dreadful – Straight up horror with all the best elements: witches, vampires, possession, and old gothic tales.
  9. Charmed – You can’t have a witchy TV show list without this one. It took me a little bit to get into this show, but it’s definitely worth the watch.
  10. Taboo – This one is more of an honorable mention since there are only hints of the occult and dark magic, but it’s Tom Hardy, so it made the list!


Book and Tea

There’s so many witchcraft and occult books out there, that even all of the good ones will never fit on one list. I wanted to focus on narrative rather than information books for this list since the goal of these lists are for relaxation and a mental distraction. Just about all of these are horror or thriller, but I do have one narrative nonfiction in the mix to keep things interesting.

  1. Witches of America – Alex Mar – Beautifully written nonfiction about a journalist’s journey across America to learn about witchcraft and it’s different traditions.
  2. Lullaby – Chuck Palahniuk – Chuck Palahniuk is a master of dark, thrilling narrative, and this story is brimming with drama and an attempt to control magical incantations.
  3. The Necromancer’s House – Christopher Buehlman – With a perfect mix of demons, old Russian witchcraft, and a little otherworldly horror, this is definitely one of my favorite books.
  4. Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror – Various Authors – Lovecraftian stories show up on all of my suggested readings lists because I can’t get enough of the cosmic horror. With occult themes and otherworldly entities, it’s always a good read.
  5. Lovecraft Country – Matt Ruff – Another Lovecraftian themed book, this one combines very real-world horrors with the cosmic and occult stuff of Lovecraft.
  6. The Beautiful Thing that Awaits Us All – Laird Barron – An amazing compilation of short stories centered around the Olympian mountains, there’s unknown horrors and occult gathering aplenty.
  7. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer – Jonathan L. Howard – I always love new takes of Faustian themes and a sassy necromancer who sells his soul to the devil is a definite plus!
  8. A Discovery of Witches – Deborah Harkness – I will admit, I have not read this one yet, but it’s on my list. This one might be better for those of you who are less interested in horror and would rather read something with a little more romance and drama.
  9. In the House in the Dark of the Woods – Laird Hunt – Colonial. American. Witchcraft. What else can I say? I love a good horror story surrounding New England witches.
  10. The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett – You can’t have a witchy reading list without including Terry Pratchett. This is the first in the Discworld series, full of adventure and magic!

This list is by no means exhaustive, so please help me continue to add to it! Let me know if there’s any movies, shows, or books that you absolutely love and think should be on these lists too. We can get through this isolation period together, and the more we follow the stay at home mandates, the safer everyone will be.