Kitchen Witchery: Comfort, Health & Protection

With everything going on right know, I know there’s a lot of worry and anxiety being felt by everyone. My own anxiety is barely being touched by my SSRI meds, probably because it feels like my brain is compounding worries with each bit of new information about COVID-19 that I see. I have been avoiding talking about the virus here, because I know that it’s all anyone is talking about lately and I think we could all use a little break.

However, avoidance only goes so far and sometimes we need to talk about what’s stressing us out in order to deal with it. My anxiety lately has been centered around the health and safety of my family, which I feel totally helpless to control. I decided that (on top of the necessary precautions of handwashing and regular sanitizing) that I can at least work some magic to help keep my family safe.

I’ve always been particular to kitchen witchery, especially when it pertains to household and family spells. The kitchen is typically the center of most households, and the meals that are made are part of what brings the family together. With that in mind, I thought making some type of food to share with my family would be a perfect way to offer comfort, health, and protection. What better way to create comfort than with baking.

The smell of baked sweets is always so pleasing to me. It fills the house and sets the mood for the day to relaxed, happy, and comfortable. I love making muffins, cookies, and scones in particular, because they’re something small and easy, and my family can take one with them to work to bring a little comfort of home along for the day.

Today, I chose a couple of options to help invoke some feelings of spring, along with my intended healing and protective energies: blueberry muffins and raspberry scones. The fruit will be the driving force in this spell, with the blueberries invoking mental and physical health and protection, and the raspberries adding emotional strength and love.

The Spell

Since I didn’t create the actual recipe for the muffins or scones, I won’t include them fully written out here, but I will link them at the bottom for you if you want to try this spell yourself. I want to focus on the magical aspects of my baking to help you get an idea of how to incorporate magic into your cooking.

Muffins and Scones

Step 1: Prepping your Space

I like to start by prepping my kitchen for magical workings by making sure it’s tidy and my working surfaces are clean. This also helps me get in the right headspace for the spell so I can focus on the task at hand. If you’d like, you can burn incense or light a candle while you clean too, just be careful to be mindful of the cleaning products you’re using as some are flammable.

Step 2: Your Ingredients

Since this spell is really centered around the fruit in the baked goods, I want to focus on preparing those. First, it’s important to clean the fruit thoroughly. Put the fruit in separate strainers and run each under cold water for a few minutes, making sure to gently stir the fruit with your hand to completely wash them. While you rinse them off, you can imagine all of the grime and dirt from the world washing off. Picture the water coming off of the fruit as dingy, grey and as you run water through them, it slowly starts to get clear until the fruit is shining and radiant with positive energy. You can then set the fruit aside and get out your other needed ingredients.

Step 3: Making the Dough

While you mix together all of your ingredients to make your dough, focus on your intentions for the spell. I like to visualize and feel my energy flowing down my arms and concentrating in my hands while I work. As I continue to combine ingredients, the energy from my hands slowly makes its way into the dough.

When mixing the scones, in particular, I think it’s important to get your hands into the dough and mix it that way. One of the vital steps to making scones is crumbling the cold butter into the dry ingredients to get it mixed thoroughly and in a sandy consistency. You can do this with a pastry cutter, but I choose to crumble the butter with my hands. It takes a bit longer, but I find that it helps me really meditate on my intentions for the scones and imbue my energy into them.

Raspberry Scones

Finally, when combining the fruit with the rest of your dough, imagine all of the radiating, healing and protective energy spreading from the fruit throughout the rest of your dough. This is the point where you can say a few words over the dough if you want to add an extra incantation to really set your spell. I tend to make these up on the spot, but I always make sure to emphasize that what I put into the muffins or scones (or really whatever I’m making) will bring forth my will and baking them will seal the energies I’ve invested into each pastry.

Step 4: Baking

This is the easy part: Put your scones and muffins in the oven and set a timer. That’s it! While they cook, you can do whatever you want that’s relaxing and sets your mind at ease. However, since neither muffins or scones take too long to bake, I like to take this time to sit quietly and meditate on the spell and the events or feelings that came about to warrant it. Since this spell was to help protect my family and keep them healthy, today I spent my meditation time visualizing them all being happy and healthy, and all of us spending time together.

Really, you can either wrap up the spell when you put your pastries in the oven, or you can take the time to slowly focus on your intentions and let it all simmer together while your goodies finish cooking. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do.

I like to wrap up the spell once the muffins and scones are finished cooking and laid out on a cooling rack. All of the goodness and healing energies are sealed inside for my family to enjoy, and the delicious smell will help radiate comfort and love throughout the house.

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Raspberry Scones Recipe

Let me know if you try out these recipes and how the spell you use works out! If you regularly practice kitchen witchery, what are some of your favorite foodstuff spells?