Music for Rituals and Spell Work

listening to music

When working a spell or performing a ritual, it’s important to get into the right state of mind so you can devote all of your focus on your spell and goals. I know of some witches who take a few minutes to sit in silence and mediate to clear their minds before a spell. Maybe they’ll light a candle or incense to keep their gaze focused on one thing, or just close their eyes and control their breathing. While this works for some people, I have never been able to make it work for me. I struggle to keep my mind consistently quite as it is, and even if I try to just repeat my intention over and over, eventually my mind will start to wander.

This is where music has been working wonders for me. Depending on the spell I’m doing, I might choose a specific song or playlist that helps invoke the energy I’m looking form. Sometimes a generic meditation or instrumental playlist works well, but even then I will sometimes find myself getting distracted by the music if I haven’t heard the song before. More often than not, I’ll choose songs that I’ve listened to many times and those that have lyrics and melodies that speak to my intentions.

Tool has been my go to band for spell music recently both because they’re my favorite band, and that their music is so masterfully composed to blend the lyrical and musical elements in a truly ethereal way. Their music is dripping with emotion and energy, and over the years, they have developed their sound into a cross between metal and ambiance. It feels magical just to listen to it!

What really drew me to use their music during spell work is the ebb and flow of energy throughout each song that helps me mentally build up my own energy and imbue that into my magic. If you’ve ever listened to a song that feels like it’s slowly building up to one climatic moment so well that when it finally hits you feel that distinct tingle of goosebumps rise all over your body, then you know what I mean… Those moments are perfect for my own visualization and if I model the flow of my workings to the flow of the songs, it feels like it adds so much energy and power to my craft.

(It also helps that Tool songs can run ten or more minutes long!)

Music has been used in witchcraft and magic practically since the beginning of mankind. Groups would use drumming, chanting, or other musical accompaniments to their spells to create a tantric, magical atmosphere and facilitate the workings. Some may choose to use more traditional, primal music, but I think anything that helps you focus your intention is perfect! Play around with it and find what works for you.