Find Yourself a Little Magic

When we’re young we have such a sense of wonder about the world around us. There’s always something new to discover, and interesting creatures to observe. We know so little about the world, so our imaginations allow us to create all of these fantastic, magical explanations for perfectly mundane occurrences.

Then, we grow up and learn, and it seems like we loose that natural wonder and curiosity that we had as a child. At one time I felt like this was just because we learned the real reason why different things happened. We learned about the science behind weather, the planets, plants and animals, so it becomes less magical. But now that I’m growing a new appreciation for the natural world around me, I’m beginning to understand that knowing more about why things happen doesn’t make it any less magical.

Watching a storm roll in, knowing that the moisture, temperature, and air currents created it doesn’t mean you can’t close your eyes and feel the electric charge in the air and soak that energy in. Or hearing an owl in the night and understanding that he’s just hunting in his natural habitat doesn’t keep you from imagining yourself looking at the night through his eyes and imagining soaring through the darkness looking for prey.

With society being in an “age of science and reason,” it can be easy to look past everything and forget that we are a piece of the natural world and exist within it rather than above it. When we’re feeling listless and stuck in the same routines over and over, it can help to pause for a moment and find a little wonder in the world.

Listen to the wind blowing through the leaves. Take a deep breath to smell the moisture in the air before a storm. Watch the birds flit through the branches of the trees in your backyard. Anything little to break away from the business of life an find some magic in the world.